Hi, hope this is the right place to post, just want to introduce myself. I am Steve, a limey, currently back in the UK after a long round the world tour which included a trip to Forest Lawn with a quiet, emotionally charged moment and of course to Warner Bros.  I have been a fan since the mid 1980s, shamelessly taping films off the TV whenever I could, (I think I got to 66) then reading and re-reading everything I could lay my hands on and even converting my living room into what some concerned friends thought of as a shrine.  I managed to win over some of those friends though including my girlfriend (now wife). We have spent many a soppy Sunday afternoon with Now Voyager and a bottle of Merlot.  My obsession with BD's life and work culminated in a dissertation as part of my Batchelor of Arts (hons) degree for which I got a first back in 1998.  Then I moved on.  For a while, I thought I was over this but I guess quality endures and the attraction and admiration is as strong as ever.  Anyway, I'm glad that JJ has put together this site and I'm excited to see how it develops; it's only fitting that the greatest screen actress ever should continue to be honoured, loved and enjoyed.

So what's TCM then, I'm jealous, haven't seen So Big.

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Hello Steve and thanks for joining. : ) I am glad you love the site. How are things in the good ol UK?? Thanks for sharing your fandom for Bette. She is, to me, the greatest actress of all time. I get sick of seeing actresses like Marilyn Monroe get so much credit just because she was a bombshell. Bette had talent and she fought for her craft. An amazing woman. Now, Voyager is one of my fave films by her. I dont have a fave as it would be hard to choose one. : )



Hi J

...couldn't agree more, simply the best ever!  Her sheer hard work, dynamism, charisma, skill, attention to detail and oftentimes bravery, make for compelling viewing.  The variety of screen 'portraits' is second to none and when I consider everything from Queen Elizabeth to Baby Jane, I'm reminded of Jospeh Mankiewicz's comment, "Barring Grand Opera, I cannot thinnk of anything that is beyond her range".

Is there, I wonder, a modern day equivalent?  I cannot think of any other than say Meryl Streep.  Perhaps that's irrelevant anyway as the word equivalent seems pointless when you're talking about someone unique.

Good ol' UK ain't so good at the moment since you ask, recession and all that, but keeping it in perpective - we're generally all well shod, fed, driving around and taking holidays. Having just returned from Laos, I find recession is a relative term!  Visiting the South West States (and Warner Brothers) for three months last summer was fantastic.  Hopefully I'll visit the States again one day, maybe the East coast next time.  I feel a pilgrimage coming on...



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