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My name is JJ and I have been creating websites since 1997. I am a self taught designer, as I have not attended any schooling or recieved any training of any form. I have created, presently and past, over 6 websites. Two which are no longer online. I use Adobe Photoshop for my choice of design software and Dreamweaver to code the page and layout the foundation. I make sure that all of my websites that I create are unique and as extensive as possible so visitors will have a lot of content, plus a lot of enjoyment by viewing the websites I create. My sites have been featured in newspapers, magazines (People), news broadcasts, and I have worked with some major television outlets (A&E, E!) for biography purposes on the subjects on which some of my sites have been created.

Now at 38, I have expanded my web design hobby into a business as I now own my own design and hosting company called All Pro Productions which you can find at is still currently being constructed). The subjects of my sites have been mainly celebrity based. As I have done online creations and promotions for the following: Mandy Moore, Paula Abdul, and Terrell Davis (former running back of the Denver Broncos). I have an artistic background as I have done a lot of freehand based art. I started doing graphic/computer based design when I was 8 years old.

I created my first website, Paula Abdul Online, in 1997. It turned out to be the most viewed Paula Abdul site on the internet, as it amassed over 40 million hits overall. Although the site is not presently online, it was very successful during it's duration on the internet. In 1998, I created a fansite dedicated to Denver Broncos runningback Terrell Davis, and later the site became his official website. That site is no longer online, as that time, I was suffering from some financial hardships and I had to close the site, as the Paula Abdul site was more in demand, and more successful. I could not keep up two sites at that time. Then, in 2005, I released a website dedicated to Mandy Moore called Moore Of Mandy at During it's three year exsistence, it has over 65 million hits and is adored by fans worldwide. Most recently, I have created a site based on spiritual/positive healing called The Positive Heart at which helps people cope with every day problems and issues through spiritual healing, along with positive living. Web design is something I love. I plan on making more creations in the future on more subjects that I love, which include Mount St. Helens, Xena, and the Miami Dolphins.


Why Bette Davis?

I have been a fan of Bette since the 1980's as I enjoy many of her films, along with her strong willed, fiesty persona. Bette was the ultimate movie star as she has been featured in over 100 films to her credit. She has won 2 Oscars and has been nominated a total, (with winning) of 11 times. She has won and honored with other awards along with nominations. She was a major star of the Silver Screen, in an era where it was hard to be a leading lady. In a film industry dominated by men at that time, many actresses had to fight to get decent roles and directors. She did it the hard way, which when it comes to Bette Davis, never rings more true.

Like many actresses of her day, Bette had to fight for her craft. She was also very charitable with the war efforts in the 40's. Bette was considered difficult to work with in Hollywood only because she fought for what she believed in and stood her ground. So you ask why NOT Bette Davis? She is the ultimate legend, and adored by millions. I have discovered that there are not many online dedications to her, so I felt it was time, to show her due respect by releasing a site that gives her worthy showcase into her life, and career. It was important, to me, to create something, that I felt, if Bette were alive today, to view it, she would be proud of the time and efforts that were put forth. I feel that this is a concept that fit her style which is very much classy and sophisticated.

The Concept of the site

First, like with any site, I had to come up with a title, along with a domain name. Since was taken, along with, my choice was, or Ultimately, I chose and that is how the site got it's name: Bette Davis Online. It was my desire to create a site on Bette, that was extensive. That featured a lot of information on her movies, as well as her life through books, and internet based research. My goal is to give the visitors of the site, something fun, and unique. To give them an enjoyable experience that keeps them coming back to the site. I plan on adding a video archive, with clips from interviews, and some of her movies. Also planned are desktop features such as wallpapers, and screensavers, along with other internet goodies like, avatars, blends, ringtones, and myspace layouts.

The concept of the design was to feature a classic look from the days of the classic motion pictures from Bette's era. I felt using gold and black colors, with a soft posed black and white photo, captured the essense of Bette, and the era of classic films. Throwing in the film reel gave it the added touch needed to showcase that era. The gold gives a rich color that is easy on the eyes, a layout that is easy to navigate and access.


Bette Davis Online does not physically own copyrights to any material on this website, such as videos, photos, and magazines. Any likeness and trademarks of Bette Davis are owned by her estate which is managed by her son Mike Merrill and her close friend, Kathryn Sermak. All contents offered on this site are for the viewing pleasure of the visitor and are not to be distributed, or sold on any form without the permission of Bette Davis estate or copyright holders. Any information, such as accounts, members use to sign up to view certain features, are private and not available to the public. This is a non profit website that is served as purpose to entertain those who visit. This site was created as a dedicational fandom to possess strictly as an online tribute. All graphics and codes created on this website are owned by the webmaster, JJ, and are not to be used, distributed, sold, or copied in any form without written consent from the webmaster. For any and all business inquiries and/or commercial uses please contact CMG Worldwide, Inc. via or All rights reserved.

Credits and Thank You's


Bette Davis Online would like to acknowledge the following as credit for information along with other sources, that have helped in the creation process of this website:

Internet Movie Database for all the information on Bette's movies, along with biography information. Bette for all of the informative in depth information, along with updates on Bette. Corbis Photos for the useage of many of the images contained on this website. Various books/magazines for journal based writings and imagery.

Thank You's:

First I would like to thank Miss Bette Davis for being an inspiration in my life as her independence as a woman, her strong will, and her willingness to keep fighting is a remarkable asset that I try to possess in my every day life. For that, along with her talent, is the reason this site has been created. I thank my grandmother for getting me interested in classic films. To my mom for keeping me interested in them, and teaching me more about them so I could gain my knowledgeable interest. To some friends of mine who urged for me to create this site, when I wondered if I should make it or not. I also thank them for staying up with me during those long nights while I gathered info, pictures, and video to make this site possible. To those who help donate valuable information, photos, videos and other contributions. Thank you very much as all the donations along with time, are very much appreciated.

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